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Other works by Ren Tachibana:

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– In the Shadow of the Storm – 

Aveline Arden seeks to start a new existence in the unassuming Maine town of Greyridge, but her plans for the simple life are derailed by the presence of the local vampire, Cain Elding.

Their paths are sown together by threads of deceit and secrecy as the monster haunting Aveline’s shadow draws nearer and Elding battles a legacy he never wished to own. Strange traditions clash with modern sensibilities, loyalties are challenged, and both mortal girl and vampire struggle to survive together.

A covert war between the Inferri and Alvahn spills into human society. Adversaries move unseen in the dark, the board is set, and the game must be played.
Aveline’s about to learn how scary the world can get.


– Tales of a Harbinger –

Mark of the Harbinger, Book 1

More than anything, Grae Winters wants to live an average, boring life. No surprises, no magic, and definitely no vampires. Just a nice, neat, normal life.

Unfortunately for Grae, she’s anything but normal. She’s cursed with a power she doesn’t understand, and pretending to be ordinary is difficult when living in a city of the bizarre and supernatural. Her life only gets weirder when vampires start disappearing off Roccia Nera’s streets, and Grae is coerced into searching for a master vampire’s missing daughter. If Grae fails to find her, she’ll have to take the woman’s place in the master’s cadre–for eternity.

In a city where normalcy is overrated, Grae’s life is about to get much stranger.


Mask of Ruin, Book 2

After fulfilling the bargain between herself and Aurel Havik, Grae Winters hopes she’ll never have to see the master vampire again — but fate has different plans. Grae’s friend Sibbie is arrested for a murder she didn’t commit, and Grae’s only chance at proving her innocence is to work with the Havik cadre in search of the true culprit.

As Grae struggles to unveil the murderer, she learns more and more about her own identity, the mysterious past of Aurel Havik, the motives of Xerex Darhan, and the history of an infamous Harbinger known only as the Mask of Ruin.

Grae’s life in Roccia Nera will never be the same.