December Update

I’ve been terrible about keeping my website up to date, but I will endeavor to do better moving forward! Here’s a status update for this December:

In general, updates for my projects will be slow for the month as I sort through some personal issues. My dog passed on and I’m missing him greatly. The holidays are also fast approaching and that’s always a busy time in everyone’s year. Never fear, for soon I will be updating regularly again!

I have three projects underway, with Bereft: Ignite being the main work in progress. The novel’s slated to be near 70 chapters in length, and I’m very excited to continue into this forth installment of the series!

In other news, my Tales of Harbinger series is continuing with the second installment, Mask of Ruin, and is going to be about 30 or so chapters in length.

A standalone novel of mine, In the Shadow of the Storm, is well underway and will be near 70 chapters in length.

I continue to work offline on Bereft: Kyra, though I can’t say when we’ll see it return. I hope to see it up again in 2018, perhaps once Ignite has been concluded.

Thank you all so much for reading, and for your support!

– Ren