Bereft: Foretold (Book Three)


“What a terrible price my pride reaped.”

Darius escaped Envy’s reckoning with his life, but lost much in the process. Mortal and vulnerable, he seeks a new reason for his continued existence, and may have found it lurking below the mage city of Itheria.

This Sins and their immutable control are broken. The streets are bloodied by Wrath’s wayward children. Magic clashes. A winged harridan descends. The King Below threatens Terrestria with destruction.

Darius’s quest to find redemption will lead him into the void itself, where the former Sin of Pride will be forced to decide just what he is willing to sacrifice for a world he has long ignored and the blue-eyed woman he failed to save.

A V A I L A B L E   o n   W A T T P A D

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